Where Do We Begin?

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Bobby Fatz flopped down on the sofa next to me with three slices of thick crusted, meat-lovers extreme pizza and a diet soda. His mouth was half full as he took another bite. “So, what’s this about nutrition?’” He slurps on the diet soda, “I’m being good, I’m getting my bread, diary, veggies and meat all in one source. Plus, look it’s a zero calorie diet soda.” Smiling at Bobby, “Well, I am glad you asked about nutrition. Let me help you out there.” Proper nutrition is the foundation to success. We’ve all heard that statement or some variation of it. It’s one of those concepts we all know, but few understand how it really works when trying to lose weight. You can achieve more with a proper diet than anything else. You can actually lose weight with a diet alone, if you can diligently follow a calorie deficit plan. If you know what goes in your mouth, it takes the guess-work out of the equation. Granted, you will lose more weight and quicker if you incorporated an aerobic, or cardio, workout into the program. Ultimately, it is your food and beverage intake that determines how much you weigh. No amount of exercise will help if you are not eating nutrient dense foods which your body needs to metabolize. For what it is worth you cannot exercise yourself out of poor nutrition or eating habits. Everyone has heard that they have to watch or curb calories, but that simple statement is misleading. It is more about making it a habit to choose the proper calories to put in your body than restricting calories. With the right choices and combinations of foods your body is better able to burn off the excess. A calorie is a way to measure energy, so calories represent units of energy. Food and beverages are vital to providing the body energy fo... ... middle of paper ... ...get some good old fashion OJ.” He begins to stand. “Bobby hold-off there, I noticed you put that concentrated OJ in the cart yesterday. You know, that’s not the best means to get your fruit servings. There are a lot of extra calories in concentrated fruit juices. A better way is to have an actual orange.” Bobby’s had daggers for eyes. Let me show you why an orange is better than concentrated OJ. By the way, you can compare any type of processed juice in the same way. An 8 oz serving has 110 calories, 0 Fat, 0 sodium, 450 mg Potassium, 26 g total Carbs, 22 g sugars. While one navel orange has 69 calories, 0.2 g Fat, 232 mg Potassium, 17.6 g of Carbs, 3.1 G of dietary fiber, 11.9 g of sugars, 1.3 g Protein. Essentially, the orange has 1/3 fewer calories, half the sugars and nearly half the carbs than the glass of OJ. Bobby’s jaw hung open as he listened in disbelief.

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