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Career Prospectus Research Essay I love art and design. I plan to go to Baker to get a degree for Graphic Design. I’ve learned through research and my internship, that Graphic Design is what I want to do and what I enjoy doing. I love being able to be artistic and creative. Through research, I've learned what I want to do and my plan for how to get there.

Who I Am?

design' class='brand-secondary'>Graphic Design is my passion. Freshman year, I got an art award which inspired me to keep taking art classes and made me focus on careers that include art. Then I got my internship at Allied Media and learned that I truly love Graphic Design. Through this internship I have learned many important values needed to be a Graphic Designer, many of which I already had. As David Frost said, “Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally”, proving that as long as you love doing it, even if it doesn't make as much as other careers, it will pay off. Doing my internship has given me the experience needed to know what it’s like to be a Graphic Designer and their work routine such as schedule and work pattern, and I know they don’t make much money, but as long as you love doing it, it will pay off. I am willing to go wherever my career will take me as long as I love doing it, I can be happy anywhere. I have always loved art and design and love creativity. I’ve taken art since elementary, and have always loved anything that let me be creative. My internship has motivated me towards Graphic Design, teaching me the values I need, showing me I love it and am good at it.

Where Am I going?

I want to be a Graphic Designer. When I looked for careers, I looked in Arts and Communications, since I love being creative and Graph...

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...tudents. The Graphic Design program at Baker is called Digital Media Design and is available in Associates and Bachelors. There Bachelors degree may take a little over 4 years because they use trimesters instead of semesters. You need a minimum GPA of 2.0 to graduate. For a Bachelor's degree it would cost $10,800 for tuition and $1,500 for books. I would live at home to save money and also take most of my classes online so I can work at my own pace and save money on gas.

Graphic Design may not be the best paying job compared to others, but since I love doing it, it will pay off in the end. Through researching this career, I have found that I am prepared to get a good start and getting a job in this career. I have a year worth of experience from my internship and I will get more in college, giving me a great head start. Graphic Design is a great choice for me.

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