When the Killing´s Done by T.C. Boyle

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The problem we know. Who has a garden in which feels a mole , immediately thinks about how he poisoned him best, ausräuchert , captures in traps , to then kill him , or equal to ignite gasoline in the aisles . Finally, there's the peaceable neighbors , sitting for hours on the terrace to impale at the slightest movement in a mound of dirt , with a brand -tipped lobe , the mole .

How did the world ever managed to survive before humans felt chosen , regulatory action , asks TC Boyle in his new novel . There was once on Guam the night Brown snake that ate the birds and their eradication should lead to restore the ecological balance. A snake met no natural enemy , was a plague . So when the Anacapa Island is attacked off the coast of California, from rats to tamper the bird nests in a similar manner to the competent authority remains only one thing: all the poison . Who likes rats ? One or the other animal collateral damage they take approvingly .

It is the self-proclaimed savior of the world , which , when the slaughter is over, " mutually come in " into the enclosure. Some intend to poison the rats by the smallest possible pain to maintain a balance within nature , others are committed to the rats . Rats are ultimately animals. And who should decide whether a bird or a rat may live ? Who gives people the right to shoot sheep, their overpopulation causes they eat an island bald?

What if the human race , the world would be left to themselves? Like the time before there were any people at all, just asked the Alma Boyd Takesue broadcast conscious , the self-proclaimed savior of endangered species in one of the public discussion ?

T.C. Boyle tells a story again about how people intend good and cause damage. For example, they pack mor...

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...natic , who will not transformed from electrical retailers such as LaJoy an activist ? He dispensed with meat and confesses himself because of the protein requirements in spite caging is the only eggs . An absurdity for any vegan. So that here also the verbohrteste zealots not reached the end of the flagpole .

After the battle is before the fight. Is the battle for the destruction of rats lost , overcome the trial acquittal , it goes on to Santa Cruz , there to prevent the slaughter of five thousand wild pigs. Save the world , is a full- time job , and the hatred of the respective adversary grows with the accumulation of defeats.

Jonathan Safran Foer After " animals " eat it succeeds TC Boyle in "When the slaughter " is over the circle to move on and to describe the person as someone who is only interested in themselves .

Good thing our history on earth is finite.
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