When The Day Becomes A Year While Traveling

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My grandfather was always saying to my cousins and I when we were middle school students that “a day while traveling is equivalent to a year of lifetime at home.” He spent most of his time traveling around the world as his job for the ministry of the foreign affairs required. I had been thinking that he was exaggerating. Do people get older quicker when they travel? Or does time pass quickly while traveling? These and many other superficial questions prevented me from understanding the essential meaning of his saying back then. Nowadays, after living and studying in the United States for four years, I look at my grandfather’s saying from a completely different prospective. I can clearly and easily see that the idea that my grandfather was trying to explain is that traveling exposes people to challenges that do not rise at home. These challenges compel travelers to grow intellectually in a manner that cannot happen at home; a quicker and more developed manner that results in advanced improvements comparing with the change in age. In my case, when I compare the person who I was before...

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