When Machines Surpass Humans

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Life is affected by technology on a daily basis. Thus, technology has developed in many ways in these modern times, and as did the mechanisms that apply to robots with artificial intelligence. Robots that have artificial intelligence do not exist yet but researchers all around the world are trying to develop this type of technology. Robot manufacturing has increased nowadays, with numerous companies making their own version of robots. However robots may reduce job opportunities for humans if they outsmart them, and the issue with the robots is how it will affect our future as to how will scientists plan to go with such technology. This essay will discuss a number of disadvantages that arise with the engagement of artificial intelligence, including the ethics and morals behind such evolution.

There has been a great use of large amount of money investment methods in production of goods and services. This use of machines has enormously reduced the number of employees, because there is an increase machine’s efficiency. This is because a single machine can perform more tasks therefore replacing many employees who could have been hired to carry out the same task, this means that one machine can do several different duties in an efficient way without taking a break or receiving a salary. The increased efficiency that results from use of machine might encourage institutes to adapt greater use of machines as opposed to human labor [4].

Machines that outsmart humans contribute to increase in unemployment rates in many countries including the developed ones. Moreover, governments are trying to fight the increasing rates of unemployment therefore one approach that is being taken and that has proved to be effective is use of labo...

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...94 vol.3.

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