When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

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“When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit” A review… “When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit” written by Judith Kerr, is a heartwarming tale of a young German girl named Anna, who must flee her home country of Germany before Hitler is elected. The book is a reflection on the Author’s own life, and was published in 1971 when her son, after watching the Sound of Music, commented “now we know what it was like for mummy as a little girl!” Kerr wanted him to know what it was actually like, and so, wrote this novel. The book gives a distinct child's perspective on the rise of Nazism in 1930s Germany and the experience of being a refugee, reflecting the Judith Kerr’s positive feelings about her own experience. The story begins in Berlin, Germany, March 1933, where Anna is living with her parents and her older brother, Max. At the time of Hitler’s election, her father, a well known Jewish journalist, is told that his passport may soon be taken away as he is known for his articles written against the Nazis and Hitler. Upon hearing this, He secretly leaves for Prague. Anna is distraught when she sees that her father is gone, but is reassured that he will come back if Hitler loses the elections. If Hitler wins, the whole family would reunite in Switzerland. The plan is cut short however, as the odds are overwhelmingly stacked in Hitler’s favor, and so they leave for Switzerland shortly after her father’s departure. While packing for Switzerland, the space is limited and Anna is forced to choose between two toys, a new woolly dog, and her old pink rabbit. She chooses the dog, but later regrets this, and believes that Hitler and the Nazis stole her rabbit. Thus resulting in the title of the book. Anna’s parents shielded her and Max from their fear of what m... ... middle of paper ... ...records part of the journey to England, and comes to a close as they finally arrive once again in another country, surrounded by a foreign unknown language. This book takes a wonderful and fresh view from a child’s perspective of living during the World War II time period. It does not focus on the concentration camps, or the more brutal aspect of the war, but instead focuses on a more positive view of being a refugee at the time. This book is the first in a Trilogy called “Out of Hitler time”. It is followed by the book The Other Way Round, (later reissued as Bombs on Aunt Dainty) and A Small Person far Away. When Hitler stole pink rabbit won the German youth literature prize in 1974, and is often used in schools as an introduction to this period in history and the experience of being a refugee. The book is wonderfully written, and a recommended read for any age.

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