When Exercise Becomes an Addiction

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Katie works out harder than most people she knows, and does not feel ready to face the day. Unless, she knows she will get her workout in, rain or shine. She will turn down social engagements to make sure she gets her workout in. People may struggle to keep up with a regular fitness program for good health and a balanced lifestyle. On the flip side, these good intentions can become an addiction. An exercise addict needs exercise. Emotionally, the person is consumed with thoughts of exercise, always feeling he or she isn’t doing enough. Exercise becomes the number one priority. With exercise always on the brain, exercise addicts constantly calculate when they are going to the gym, how hard they worked out, how many calories they burned and what that allows them to eat. But why do people become addicted to exercise? There are several reasons. People find it to be a visual stimulant, because of the physical changes the body undergoes due to weight loss or muscle gain. Also, the potential health benefits that a person can gain from exercise, such as a stress reliever. While others based their addiction on trying to keep up with society’s values, which emphasizes thinness and perfectionist fitness. The body changes as a result of exercise, whether it’s thinner thighs, smaller midriffs, or bigger biceps. People who are exercise addicts get hooked on changes they see in the mirror and want more. A potentially dangerous obsession to a form of exercise called bodybuilding is increasing among men. It sometimes can cause men to develop muscle dysmorphia. A disorder in which a person believes that they are not muscular enough. Bill Homes stands five foot ten, and once weighed one hundred and forty pounds . He began obsessing over men’... ... middle of paper ... ...iction” because it usually contributes to overall fitness rather than other addictions such as drinking, drug use, gambling, and smoking. But as is true with any addiction, obsessive behavior typically causes the addict to withdraw from relationships or damage relationships. People become exercise addicts because they are afraid of what their bodies may look like after they have missed a workout. They believe they might lose muscle mass or gain a pound or two. Some feel pressured about society’s value of thinness and the influences the media has on attractiveness, or they just want to reap the health benefits in the long haul. Exercise is not just a way to stay fit and in shape. Instead, it becomes an unhealthy addiction. The ironic results is that activity should be beneficial, keeping fit, and trim often winds up causing serious stress to both mind and body.
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