Wheel Of Retailing Case Study

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1. a. It is B2C b. It is B2C c. it is B2C d. it isB2B e. it is B2C f. it is B2C The golf course could be classified as both once learned how to play well and getting enough experience, a person can use this experience and skills learned to teach students and charge them. The magazines could be both too if a person decides to buy a large amount of magazines to then resell them and make a profit. 2.. A product mix is all the product lines that a firm has to offer, sometimes it may be only one line, but other times it may be many. A product line is a firm 's complete set of all their products that are designed to satisfy a single need and or desire. An example of product line would be Activision because they only produce video games. And an example of a product mix would be Nike that produces different…show more content…
The Wheel of Retailing is a theory to describe the institutional changes that take place when innovators, including large business houses, enter the retail arena. The Internet has affected the wheel of retailing because nowadays more people use the internet to get their products and leave out the other retailers like supermarkets, groceries stores and so on. Amazon and Google are taking over the whole retailing business. 8. • Direct-response retailing reaches prospective customers through catalogs, telemarketing, and advertising, who then order by phone, mail, computer, or fax (examples: Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and speakers). • Internet retailing, a fast-growing process with sales increasing 15 to 25 percent annually, allows shoppers to order while visiting retailers online (examples: amazon.com, eBay, Google Express). • Automatic merchandising provides convenience through vending machines and automated service machines (examples: ATMs, soda vending machines). • Direct selling includes direct-to-customer sales through personal representatives and party-planning methods (examples: The Pampered Chef, Electrolux vacuum cleaner sales people).

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