What´s Swing Jazz?

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Swing Jazz, a subgenre of Jazz, was an unprecedented sound that has skillfully created an effect on the way we live today. In an article from a devoted Jazz website, Just the Swing, it is presented how Jazz was “revolutionary in its time period.” This is shown through how it was the first outlet that expanded into African American culture after desegregation was officiated. A corroboration within this statement is shown on Swingmusic.net’s : The History of Jazz Music Part II. This article adds to the idea of desegregation but concludes the idea of the “eclipsing” nature is what led to its success.
Swing Jazz was developed, in the early 1930's, through the culture in poor urban areas that were densely populated with African Americans. The rise of Swing was due to African Americans beginning of swing to start as their first expression of freedom after desegregation. This later blossomed into a united appreciation of Swing throughout ethnicities. The musical influences stemmed from the main genre of Jazz with the use of various instruments within almost all sections. Other musical aspects included a big emphasis on Big Bands and soloists.
One unclear part of Swing Jazz’s history is when and where it actually originated. Swing has been followed back by some jazz historians in Harlem as early as 1931. However, it has been noted that the music may have had difficulty starting due to the start of the depression within the nation at that time. Swing has also been shown to originate in towns that were not as wealthy with a lot of African Americans such as Harlem but, also New Orleans and Philadelphia. The difficulty in pinpointing just when Swing started is due to the fact that all three previously listed cities, along with oth...

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..., has caused many positives in its time. Swing has been a stepping-stone to the outside after de-segregation that added a new sense of freedom. And although there is no set location and time where Swing had originated, it is not a necessary component that is needed to appreciate the sound. The appreciation is developed throughout the knowledge of the history.
Without the hardships that African Americans went through for this expression, Swing would not be what it is recognized as today. The issues of segregation and desegregation helped the African Americans to push harder for equality. This strive helped them become successful and then marked the bridge towards equality. One specific idea to think about from all of this is if the African Americans gained equality easily in the eyes of their peers would they have pushed so hard for their music to be heard?

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