What's Radio Frequency Energy

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Radio frequency energy is the energy transmitted by sources that can generate electromagnetic fields like TV signals, radio signal, wireless networks and cell phone towers, by using specially designed circuits connected to a an antenna this electromagnetic energy can be harvested and converted into a usable DC voltage. One of the applications of this technology is in radio frequency identification tags in which harvesting device can receives an RF signal from a sensing device; this RF signal can supply enough power to let the RFID tag to send radio frequency back including identification information to any item of interest. The circuits designed for such applications can made relatively small and can convert the ambient electromagnetic waves to a usable DC voltage at distances up to 100 meters from the source of the RF signal. Depending on the environment and the power of RF signal available the power conversion circuit would be connected to a capacitor which can provide a constant required voltage to the device in question when there is not enough supply of energy available also this RF power can be used to charge batteries. Another appealing feature of harvesting available RF energy is that it can be used as a supplement to the conventional energy harvesting methods. These energy harvesting techniques can be used to charge batteries at night when solar energy is not available and they could be used as backup system if the main supply of energy fails and keep the device working or send an alarm. This technology can extend the battery lifetime and that can be done by offsetting the sleep current required by low power microcontroller.

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