What´s Obamacare?

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Obama Care is a health care law aimed to reform the health care system in America. Its main goal is to give more Americans easy access to good and affordable health care and reduce its spending in the United States. Obama Care regulates health care insurance, not health care as many people come to think of it. This means that it does not replace Medicare or Medicaid; it helps individuals have it at a more affordable price. The Affordable Care Act was signed into law on March 23, 2010 by President Obama and was later upheld on June 28, 2012 by the Supreme Court. Americans who make less than $94,200 in a family of four people or $45,960 as a independent individual may qualify for the reform act. The main reason for individuals being uninsured are the tremendous amounts of job losses. Which is about having 15% of Americans being uninsured (Obama Care Facts). The main advantage of Obama Care is that it lowers the health care costs by making sure that that the insurance is affordable for people. It also provides insurance more fairly based on which categories you may fall into. For example, you can qualify if you work for a company who provides it, those who can afford to pay it on their own without any pre-existing conditions, people who are poor and have Medicaid and those who are above 65 years of age and have Medicare. If you already have health insurance, all of the insurance plans must provide different services in ten health care benefits categories. Health Care companies cannot also drop those who get sick and parents can put their children on the plan until they are 26 years of age. If you can’t afford health insurance, Medicaid will be expanded based on the Federal poverty level. Many issues arise from Obama C... ... middle of paper ... ...ome inequality, both associated with adverse health outcomes, are also lower. Unlike many American health insurance providers, the government groups that manage Swedish health care are non-profit entities. Their goal is to provide quality care for all citizens. There are also fewer, but larger hospitals with many specialized doctors in Sweden. They also provide drugs and treatments only when there is factual evidence that it is effective. People can spend money privately on unproven treatments, but the government refuses to impose their cost on taxpayers. From my point of view, I think we should have Obama Care in the U.S. because it is really beneficial to poor families. It will also help cut the deficit, even though it increases taxes. Obama Care focuses more on providing families with health insurance and makes sure that individuals that cannot afford it get it.
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