What´s Genetic Testing Ethical?

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177 words

Genetic testing is a fast growing technology, which is creating a bigger ethical/social issue. Arguments arise as some believe that the choice made by parents to genetically create their baby results in a smaller parent to child bond due to the idea of designer expectations and screening for imperfections. There are also fears that parents will begin to perceive their children as products apposed to people, an ‘object’ designed to fit the parents interests. Another social implication is that the process of PGD will only be an option to the wealthy. This implies that in the future, genetic diseases will be associated only with the economically unprivileged. In the Unites States 2.3 million couples are considered infertile, this creates a large

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that genetic testing is a fast-growing technology, which is creating an ethical/social issue. there are fears that the process of pgd will only be an option to the wealthy.
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