What's For Dinner - Original Writing

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What's For Dinner - Original Writing ‘It was Thursday,’ Fasial complained, ‘fish and chips day, so why are we having shepherds pie?’ ‘I don’t know?’ said Umar. Fasial and Umar were twins and went to the same school. Umar spent half his time at school keeping his brother out of trouble. He swallowed large portions of the pie ‘Its very tasty anyway. Try it,’ said Umar to Fasial. Fasial tried it, it was good, but he wasn’t going to admit it, because he was looking forward to fish and chips and shepherds pie wasn’t the same. He pulled a face, left most of his dinner and went to the playground. Fasial made a rap in the playground and it was about the school cook and it went something like this: “ Jones is a useless cook If you eat school dinners it’s your hard luck They either kill/ make you ill If the meat don’t do it, then the custard will” It wasn’t true. Mr Jones did good dinners, but the rap caught on and a long snake of chanting children wound its way about the playground with Fasial at its head. Umar did not join and hoped Mr Jones wouldn’t hear it. On Friday after school, Fasial and some of his friends practised the rap and they were meant to chant the rap again at break on Monday, but at the end of the morning assembly, the principal had bad news and he said, ‘I’m sorry to have to tell you all that Mr Jones was ill over the weekend and will not be attending for a few days to cook dinner’. After the news, some of the students grinned and pushed one another. Fasial whispered into Umars ear, ‘he must’ve eaten some of that shepherds pie.’ Umar jabbed Fasial with his elbow. ‘However the principal continued, we are very lucky to have with us Mr Terry, who will cook our dinner till Mr Jones returns, Mr Terry is not only a first class chef, but an explorer as well.
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