What´s Demonstrative Communication?

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Demonstrative Communication can be verbal and nonverbal. The way that we communicate through eye contact, body language and the tone of voice we use while talking to one another can help define what we are trying to say or what we are allowing the other person understand. Most people do not realize that they are using these types of communication while they are talking to one another.
Nonverbal Gestures
Nonverbal gestures we use constantly whether we realize we are using them or not. When we are having a conversation with someone there are some people use hand movements to try to explain what they are trying to say while others do not. To some that allows them to further understand what the sender is trying to convey, while to some receivers it is an annoyance. The use of nonverbal gestures in daily life, in my opinion, is helpful. I use my hands while talking to try to explain what I am saying. Let’s say we were talking to someone and we used a monotone voice, made no facial expressions, how would the receiver understand what it was that we are trying to say. The way that we talk with the use body language and facial expressions can help the receiver understand the nature of the conversation. Some nonverbal gestures can not work while you are talking on the phone or writing an email. Body language and facial expressions would not be understood while we are talking to someone on the phone. They are not able to see what you are doing, so while we are talking on the phone to someone we use the tone of voice gesture as a way to communicate. The receiver can understand what we are trying to say from the words and the tone of voice that we use. We can say the same sentence and can have different meanings from the way that we say it. L...

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...h the person they have just met. Many different body gestures can also have different meanings. A hug can be happy or it can be a meaning to make some body feel better. Body language in conjunction with the way we are using the tone of our voice can express the mood we are in or how we are feeling while talking with another person.
Whether we are writing an email or talking to some one face to face. The nonverbal gestures help the receiver to understand what we are saying. The next time you are talking to someone see if you are able to read your own body language and nonverbal gestures you are using and make sure you are giving the correct signals to the receiver that you are trying to convey.

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