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Racism by a Different Name Throughout American history multiple cultures and religions have been the target of prejudice. People seem to forget the mistakes of the past. Often innocent people are blamed for the actions of radicals of their religions. Recently the religion of Islam is undergoing prejudice against their beliefs due to the terrorist acts of 9/11 along with other acts of terror. According to a statistic done by the FBI, 11% of hate crimes that are committed target the Muslims, which is the second highest percent of hate crimes committed on a religious group (FBI, 2013). Understanding who American Muslims are and their beliefs is an important step to stopping the violent acts against innocent people. This paper will cover specific areas of the controversy including the fear of Islam, American Muslims, and Religious freedom in hopes to eliminate misconceptions and fallacies on either side of the argument. Islamophobia Islamophobia is a neologism defined as a prejudiced, fear or hated against Muslims or groups perceived as Muslims. Phobias are defined by as an irrational fear of a situation or object generally caused by the feeling that harm to one’s self or family may occur regardless of reassurance Symptoms of a phobia generally include: dizziness, loss of breath, a sense of unreality, fear of dying, and in some cases, the symptoms can cause anxiety and panic attacks (NIMH, 2004). The term Islamophobia was introduced in 1991, however racism of Muslims has existed long before then. Tariq Ramadan, a professor of Islamic studies at Oxford, states that “Racism against Islam has existed since the days of being titled infidels, and will continue to grow if people continue to be misinformed.” The hatred agains... ... middle of paper ... ...h when a building proposal has practical reasons to consider objections of the building can be understandable, when there are objections to a building solely for the religion it pertains to, it’s wrong. Conclusion As I was researching this subject, I continually grew more emphatic for American-Muslims. How can we ignore the prejudice of these American citizen who want nothing more than to live a peaceful happy life? We must raise awareness on this subject and eventually eliminate discrimination against ALL religious, races and sexualities. As prejudice increases to Muslims, It shows that we repeating the same mistakes time and time again. It is important to fight for our fellow citizens and most importantly validate that our first amendment is entitled to all citizens. The Constitution of the United States of America applies to every individual in this country.

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