What to Do about the Issue of Overcrowded Prisons in the US

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There has been a huge debate on overcrowded prisons and the many issues that surround them. Some think we should open more prisons and some think otherwise. Some express their thoughts of treatment facilities and others think of how all effects the taxpayers. No matter what angle of this argument is being looked at, it is an issue that needs to be resolved with least consequences for everyone and to really consider all approaches with care.

In 2007 88% of the prison population was due to substance abuse problems and addictions. The other small percent is due to conscious crime and violence. If the issue is narrowed down to this then there is some think to fix. If we break down the cost of prisons due to addiction rehabs and half-way housing and the amount of time prisoners spend in prison compared to the time spent getting help, I think there is a more effective and productive way to solve this issue.

The other issue about this topic is these prisoners’ real criminals. Some say if you do the crime then do the time but if it isn’t in their true nature to commit these crimes then it isn’t them committing these crimes. It’s the addiction that is. In other words the crime wasn’t committed consciously but out of desperation for the substance and unconscious black outs.

As states continue to get the most returns on their budgets and planning, it is vital to know the total cost of policy choices, in order to use prison resources adequately and to rely on imprisonment only when in need to protect the public.

Prison costs that fall outside state corrections financial ability are substantial. In many states these depts. Include fringe benefits, pensions, and retiree health care benefits for corrections employees (and ...

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...d out they had just killed someone drinking and driving. This is not who they really are.

Another issue that is hard to swallow is why are the prisons budget growing every year but the educational budget is decreasing. How about we donate to the prisons budget for the therapy programs, budget for the schools instead of asking for donations for the schools and therapy and using tax payer’s money for budgeting for the jails. Where are the priorities?

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