What to Do About Gray Hair

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The first gray hair: what to do?
Gray hair - known sign of aging. However, the first gray hairs may appear quite early, even before the onset of wrinkles. Bad mood, uncertainty, apathy - all this may be accompanied by the first gray hair. Whether to immediately record yourself in the old woman, if you can effectively deal with the situation?
Causes of gray hair can be very different: age, genetics, chemical changes, or environmental impact. The problem is that the natural way to increase the amount of melanin impossible. Therefore, getting gray hair, the whole strategy is reduced to disguise, conceal gray hair. There are several ways that help to do it. Here are the 6 main secrets of, select yours.

1. Snatching gray hair

If you see the first gray hair, it can be very simple - to snatch a hair flick. And forget about it. 2-3 pull hair day - it will not affect the critical density of hair, because a healthy person loses 100 hairs a day. However, it is clear that when you see not one, not even five gray hairs, and the whole strand, with pullout strategy is not appropriate. We will find other ways.

2. Hair Mascara

Cosmetic industry generously responded to the desire of women to cover white hair and thin strands.Appeared a whole generation of new products: hair mascara , hair marker, pen, hair color mousse ... These products are kept only until the next wash your hair, they will have to re-apply after each wash.Hair Mascara is designed to mask individual hairs, while the liquid marker can paint and a small strand, it is a liquid product as a liquid liner for the eyes. Mousse acts as any other styling mousse, only has some shade. He paints a gray hair worse, but gray hair weak efficient.

Ink, markers, lipstick hair are very...

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...airstyles such as a ponytail or beam - tightened border dyed hair show and regrown hair;

- Use the bulk stacking or curly hair, black or gray roots will almost imperceptibly;

- Repainting is no less important to do the same in the cabin, and it is desirable to have the same master, then he will be able to find the right concentration and shades of colors, not to hurt the hair;

- Use conditioning products that add shine - reflections on hair coloring to hide the border.

6. Take your gray hair

Consider an option that may no complexes about their gray hair - take it once and for all. If you work on your way and style, gray hair can add glamour and elegance. Gray hair, tend to go for women with olive skin color or dark. But watch out for constant hydration gray hair to make it look natural and not lifeless.To do this once a week, use a deep conditioner action.
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