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Teaching students the theory of Evolution has been going on in classrooms for around a hundred years. For almost just as long, the war between Evolution and Intelligent Design has been going on (Bailey 63). Although Evolution is accepted by the majority of Americans, more people are beginning to accept the theory of Intelligent Design. A small number of scholars like Michael Behe and William Dembski are trying to disprove the theory of Evolution, while also trying to prove Intelligent Design as a legitimate scientific theory (Bailey 64). Because of this, the issue of teaching students only about Evolution has become bigger than before. There are several reasons for keeping Intelligent Design out of the teaching curriculum in public schools. One reason is the Establishment clause in the First Amendment, which states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” (Foster 12). Another reason is Intelligent Design is not believed to be a credibly theory of science. Intelligent Design should not be taught in public schools and the teaching of Evolution needs to be revised.
The theory of Evolution is accepted by most people, the issue arises with the origin of life or how animals and humans were first created. With Evolution, the universe was created during the Big Bang and then a few million years later the Earth was formed. Millions of years after the Earth formed, organisms started to from. Some of the organisms in the next generation would have mutations and adaptions, which if were good adaptions meant the organism would survive and pass the mutation on to the next generation. However, if the adaptions were bad, the organism would die off through Natural Selection. ...

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