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During Hillary Clinton’s speech in the “U.N. 4TH World Conference on Women Plenary Session.” She states, “helping women is not just a nice thing to do,” According to Clinton, women’s rights are unfinished, and her belief in, “human rights are all women’s rights once and for all” has been stressed tremendously in her speech. Many might have wondered about Clinton’s powerful public speaking abilities. As a graduate from Yale Law School and a woman who is now serving under President Barack Obama, she is unquestionably smart enough to blend in the three rhetorical appeals to make her ideas sharper and more valid to further her purpose.
The three rhetorical appeals Clinton uses are ethos, pathos, and logos. By applying those techniques, Clinton’s ideas seem to be more credible, powerful, and logical for her audience. Throughout Clinton’s whole career, she has fought hard to win people’s recognition in her good deeds and she has also fought hard to make her points globalized by sticking to the same value and message. On account of how passionate her speeches are, she is widely recognized as the first lady who breaks the silence to address issues of children, health and human rights.
Clinton’s authority and credibility definitely play a role in the speech of fourth world conference. Her ethos is established throughout her speech due to her long career working for women’s rights, and her unstoppable characteristics that have left a mark politically and globally. She mentions that she was invited to give a speech at the important United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women. In a way, she was thanking the Secretary General for the invitation, but it has also allowed her audience to acknowledge that she had enough authority and...

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...or to inform the government to discuss women rights on the same page as human rights. Deep down, she just wants women to step out and break the silence, to get back the freedom they have lost. She also mentions that although women are getting more respect nowadays because of how important their roles are in society and the family, but there are still many more women out there who are not being benefited from today’s society. Although Clinton has helped to advance women’s rights by appealing to ethos, pathos and logos in her speech, unfortunately justice is not fully established to flourish for those women who are out there suffering in the society. Thus, societies need to have their perceptions on human rights updated with the modern perspective, so then men and women will be equal in their rights, and the globe will be flourished with justice and harmony.
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