What makes us feel good about our work?

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I accept with most of the arguments/ideas of Dan Ariely in this video. But, there are few points where I would not accept with him. The author argued that the number of bionicles built in the second condition of the experiment were lesser than those built in the first condition as the bionicles were disassembled in front of the people. I would like to argue against him as the people were told that the bionicles will be disassembled and used for the next participants. The people know that the bionicles they constructed would be disassembled at some point. It doesn’t make a difference at what time they were disassembled considering that the people know the truth that they will be disassembled at some point. Most of the kids play with Legos. In spite of knowing the truth that they should disassemble them and put them back neatly by the end of the day, kids would still love to play with them. Assuming that the people on whom the experiment was performed were adults, there is no point in people getting disappointed when they know that their bionicles would be destroyed as they know that...
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