What it means to be a Black Man

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Being a black man in America requires you to take on cringing responsibilities in the midst of society’s hate and discrimination rather you wish to or not. They cram us into a box and engrave their definition of black men in the center of our foreheads, it says: “Thug” or in other words “a polite way of saying the ‘N’ word” as Super Bowl XLVIII MVP, Richard Sherman would say. We are all stereotyped and packaged into this disgustful class, a class that harnesses invisible chains around our ankles to replace the real ones from the early and middle nineteen hundreds. Society, who seems to be "out to get us" has permanently branded us. I'm mean, the majority will take photos caressing fully grown tigers, but will spontaneously lock their car doors when a black man is simply lolly gagging pass it. They seriously have to be "Coo-coo for CoCo Puffs..." Being a black man means being desirous to stand out while doing what they need to do to make it, despite all the challenging obstacles they have to leap through on their journey. However, in some cases being a "thug" is just a way to provide, black men aren't born with an innate mental attitude of being a thug. I guess you could honestly say: "they didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose them."
The denotation of the word black is “Darkness, the very darkest owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light. The opposite from white…” You see The opposite of white? Thats all we are to society...I beg to differ, us black men are made up of all the colors, the true meaning of "black" proven by chemistry. In chemistry, a class that has taught me a ton this year, proves that black is made up all the colors of the rainbow. The reason for the way it appears to the human eye, tech...

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...spirit of MLK, chanting "no justice, no peace" in harmony. Ignorance is bliss in society's eye.
To be a black man means to strive for success where it may be impossible. To educate and love with out expecting any returns. To be a black man is to know where you have originated from and pinpoint where he must go. To be a Black man is having the abilty to free your psyche figure and soul from the mental and physical slavery that w To be a black man is to stroll with God and live commonplace with the objective to follow his will for our race. A black man that knows where he's going, is aware of his history and define his deeds & goals to succeed in a society where minorities are supposed to make it, is beyond powerful. Being a black means that: you're a target of racism, altercations and violence, that takes on each challenge while dream-chasing at the same time.
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