What it Takes to be a Journalist

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What would the world be like today had generations before us not kept journals of what life was like then? Since this is how the world basically runs, it would be a lot different today. People today would not know what their ancestor’s lives were like. If we didn’t have journalists in the world today, we would not know the “scoop” on things that are happening in the world. Whether it’s on the TV, in a magazine, newspapers, or even social media websites, these writers and reporter, also referred to as journalists, are on the go 24/7 just waiting for their next assignment to come up. It’s not hard to be a journalist. If people love writing and being creative, this job will be second nature to them. Journalists or writers often write for advertisement, magazine, movies, or any written media purpose (“Writers” para. 2). Undoubtedly, this content is developed for oneself or for other people’s needs and interests (“Writers” para. 2). Writers tend to write about subjects that readers enjoy (“Writers” para. 9). They mix fiction in with non-fiction, and research facts about non-fiction events to write about (“Writers” para. 9). If unsure about the sound and concept, writers go to editors or other writers for some helpful feedback (“Writers” para. 9). Writers analyze and review collected data and write stories/articles about the topic (“Reporter” para. 1). There are quite a few skills one must have in order to become a writer: active listening, good speaking, good reading comprehension, and critical thinking (“Reporter” para. 6). Most writers have an instinctive side of thinking and use that to writer successfully (“How” para. 2). Wherever a journalist has access to a computer, they are likely to be working from there (“Writers” para. 3)... ... middle of paper ... ...at does not mean that writing is a bad choice. People have different interests, and choosing to become a writer is definitely a one of those rare interests now days. Though it shows that the job number is decreasing, yet there are still people who enjoy this as a side activity. Works Cited “How to Become A Journalist.” Journalism Degree. 2014. Web. 5 April 2014. . “Reporter.” What’s Next Illinois. Illinois Student Assistance Commission, 2014. Web. 4 April 2014. . “Writers and Authors.” U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. U.S. Department of Labor, 8 January 2014. Web. 4 April 2014.
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