What is the War on Terror?

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War On Terror War on Terror this phrase came from George W Bush during the time of 9/11. This wasn't just for 9/11 this was a battle to stop all terrorist threats. terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political claims. there are more than one type of terrorist there are bioterrorism, eco terrorism, and many more terrorist use their tactic for different causes and reasons. Some use it as a act of war or to oppose a threat. A major battle in the war against terror was the war in war in Afghanistan this war started because of a terrorist take on the world trade center on 9/11. Some members of the Taliban drove 2 planes into the world trade center. This was a eco terrorism attack. a type of eco terrorism is tree spiking it involves hammering small spike into the trunk of a tree for the sole purpose of messing up the chainsaw and can seriously injure the logger. Another tactic of eco terrorism is Arson is most associated with earthy liberation front. they tactic usually involves housing developments and chain stores. An additional tactic is bombing but it is more of a extreme tactic used by eco terrorist. A Group known as green peace was labeled as eco terrorist because theydid not put the right amount of pesticide on their rice. In 1995, Greenpeace announced that it had “intercepted a package containing rice seed genetically manipulated to produce a toxic insecticide, as it was being exported and swapped the genetically manipulated seed with normal rice”(forbes). New Year’s Eve in 1999, arson caused about a 1 million dollars in damage to Michigan State University’s architectural landmark Agriculture Hall, they damaged offices involved in a project to help better the use and commercialization of... ... middle of paper ... ...ies are angered with us and want to get back at us so now they are potential terrorist. now when a big event is about to occur they double up or increase security and this helps stop an violent outburst. Just like the marathon that was bombed within two days we were able to find out who was responsible for it and locate the area they were in due to the FBI system and increase in police and surveillance all help catch them and these are all new systems to prevent terrorist attack because of past experience. All in all America is making good strong strides to protect with terrorism not say we won't have none but with all the systems put in place we now have we minimized the amount of attacks. Also we now know terrorism doesn't have to be just stopped by the government every one can help by reporting any incidents they have encountered or seen to the government.
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