What is the Internet of Things?

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What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? The internet of things (IoT) is a technical concept that outlines the fate of how everything in today’s information age that is physically connected on day-to-day basis will be connected to the internet as an enabler of being able to recognize themselves to other entities. IoT is remarkable in such a way that entities will not just be entities like we know them to be but then all these entities surrounding us will be more advanced in such a way that they will be connected to a network. These entities in relation to IoT will be able to receive, transmit and send data then act upon the data that they received from the users. The first engagement that scientists had with the IoT was in the 1980’s at the university of Carnelge Melon where programmers or scientists where able to connect to a soft drink machine at a remote location in which they were able to gain access to the machines knowledge in the hopes of equipping the user with knowledge as to if whether or not the flavour that they wanted was available or not so that the user does not waste their time by walking all the way to that specific machine only to find that the machine does not have the flavoured drink that they wanted. This in essence shows that the IoT gradually narrates a globe where by everything will gradually change in terms of intelligence where we will end up having very huge information systems due to all the connections that will be surrounding entities and devices to bring about a new, better and innovative way of doing things since Ashton (2009) stated that if we had computers that knew everything there was to know about things using data they gathered without any help from us, we would be able to track and count every... ... middle of paper ... ...an be attained and business opportunities can be brought about in firms from foreign nations. Conclusion The IoT is a new era of technology that enables users to connect to their devices like they have never done before. This in essence provides users with data based on their surroundings, health and businesses. IoT comes with its own challenges such as the lack of security which is a very huge concern to large corporations because with all the information that will be available online, firms that do not go the extra mile to ensure that their systems do not have back doors will be victim to hackers and denial of service attacks. But with that said, firms will be able to improve their business processes and be exposed to new ways of doing things that they will in turn have an impact on their revenue by increasing the number of sales and customers that a company has.
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