What is the Death Penalty

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What is the death penalty? The answer is very simple; it is a punishment that someone receives if they do something really bad, such as murder, rape, etc. This answer, however, is leaning towards the side that the death penalty should still exist. How can this definition be paraphrased to fit the death penalty more accurately? An accurate definition would be: the government killing people that killed other people to stop people from killing other people. The question now is, is that logical? Is it logical to kill someone to prevent others from killing? No, it is not. The death penalty should be abolished because it is morally wrong and it is very expensive. Instead, the death penalty sentence should be changed to life in prison.
There are many arguments that those who are for the death penalty use. One of the arguments that they use is because it will give the victim’s families closure. “Life in prison just means the criminal is still around to haunt the victim. A death sentence brings finality to a horrible chapter in the lives of these family members” (Messerli). It is necessary to point out that life in jail means that the prisoner is never coming out again. They will spend their whole life in jail until the day they die. So the question for the previous statement is how can the criminal haunt the victim’s family? If the family wants that criminal to die, then it is just pure vengeance for what that criminal did. And even if that criminal was to be given the death sentence, what closure does that bring? It brings absolutely no closure, no finality. When the prisoner dies in the electric chair, the victim doesn’t come back alive; the family does not rejoice. When that prisoner dies, it just means that there was one more death....

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...ling each other? That statement makes no sense at all, and yet 32 states uphold that statement. The sooner that the United States gets rid of the death penalty, the sooner it will be on the way to becoming a great nation where there is freedom and justice for all.

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