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This happened three years ago when my mother gave birth to my little sister. A new cute baby took part in the family, it was a joyful news for sure, but the reactions were quite different from what was expected. Everybody agrees that a new birth should be a moment of happiness, where congratulations are exchanged and laughter resounds within the walls. Families are brought together for that special day as to see the new baby and how the mother is surviving after a painful and fateful giving-birth moment. This is what happened, but few people came and I could see some disappointment in some faces. The first one I saw was my grandma’s, because she was praying day and night wishing to have a new grandson. She already had four granddaughters from the same son, why would she have a fifth one? Nevertheless, another thing was coming and it was much more stressful and frustrating than my grandmother’s wish. When my mother took my little sister to the doctor to vaccinate her, some terrible words let my mother astonished and troubled. The doctor clearly said to her:” I am sorry to let you know that your daughter is not normal”. Why was he sorry? Was it really terrible to have a baby that is different from the others? Those words were more than shocking, and how dare he say that my sister was abnormal? I couldn’t understand, she had everything I had physically, I couldn’t see the difference between any other “normal” child and her. This was insane, irrational and kind of insulting. No one has the right to treat my little sister that way, I thought. Then, comes that serious diagnosis that doctors are supposed to give:” it is called the Down’s syndrome”. I didn’t get it at first but he kindly showed us some pictures and I understood. My belov... ... middle of paper ... ...e. We have all of our chromosomes and still sometimes some people don’t get it, they don’t know how to use their brain and act in an unthoughtful stupid way. So how can those people be accepted among the others in an easiest way than the trisomic? They do not harm people and still are condemned socially. For me, being trisomic doesn’t mean abnormal, my sister is special in her own way and she is making it into this world with all the support of her beloved ones. She fights every day to thrive and sometimes I just wish some people had less chromosomes so that they would be better persons. She’s very social and does all what other children do. My family and I learnt quickly that my sister’s birth was not a beginning of despair, but the beginning of laughter, overweening love & life’s lessons. She is a truly pure treasure that we cherish generously. She is a miracle!
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