What is it Really?

“‘Community, Identity, Stability. ’” (huxley 1) What does this mean in a world where life has so little meaning. Where humans are no longer born of passion between two people, but bred as commodities for work. In this world people are grown from a lab. They are grown from embryos that had been donated by other humans. They are genetically altered to the specific job they are meant to do. if your only job is to turn a screw they make sure to train you to do nothing but love that job. There is no unhappiness because if you are a lower class worker you are trained to think that things could be worse you could be a high ranking alpha and have all the hard jobs. If you are an alpha you are allowed to do whatever you want for pleasure, these people were raised at a young age to not be afraid of sex for them it was just a way to enjoy life and relieve stress. In this kind of thinking, this is the kind of “Community” they are talking about. where everybody has a job, no one person deviates from their job because thats the only thing that they know. They say “Identity” in their creed but how can you own your own identity if your whole life is chosen for you? Where the only thing you think is how good your life is compared to the alphas, their life is so hard they have to do a lot of thinking how hard their life must be, and your life is easy. Where the alphas the top of the pack are supposed to be the smartest of the smart and you are not allowed to slack off or choose your profession. Everything is predetermined to these people so where is the “Identity?” And finally “Stability” there is not much that needs to be said about this part of the creed. They claim stability but how stable are things if everything is based... ... middle of paper ... ...t. So if someone were to come around promising nothing but pleasure for no cost to them except for the jab they are assigned to do with no questions asked people would take them up on that. So what is this world truly, is it nothing but confusion and questions that could not be answered and the people that live here have no idea what they are missing, or could it be a great world where there is nothing to worry about. A world where there is no worries no rent, child care, rent, war. But what could the people in charge possibly have to gain by this since the have everyone under their control? what comes after you have everything that you have ever wanted? How can you possibly be happy when you have everything at your disposal? So what is it Truly ? Works Cited Huxley, Aldous. Brave New World. New York: Harper Perennial Modern Classics, 2006. Print.
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