What is an Education

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What is an Education

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What is an Education How was school today, what did you learn in school today, or what did you do in school today? Those seem to be questions every parent asks their child upon their return from a day at school. Most kids answer fine, ok, or nothing. Occasionally the child will be excited about something and actually tell their parent a story. Sometimes it will involve an incident at lunch where a friend threw their bologna sandwich across the table and it hit someone else. Then there are those days where the kid tells how in class they poured vinegar onto some kind of powder and it fizzed like a volcano would. Parents should take note of something like this. This could be a sign at a young age that a child has an interest in chemistry or possibly geology. This could be useful later on down the road when the child is trying to decide which classes to take in high school. With an early expressed interest in a subject area the child may perform better in that area and that would help make him/her desirable to colleges. That may all be part of a bigger problem though, getting to college. There is a lot of emphasis put on college. Students are taught that they will go no where without a college education.

The focus in high school isnt completing high school, its getting ready for college. When my parents were growing up, one could make it in the world without a college education. Many were expected to head off to work once they received their high school diploma. Some went on to college to get a college degree. College degrees werent necessary, but they were highly looked upon. Nowadays a Bachelor of Arts degree or Bachelor of Science degree in some subject seems to be the requirement and it is the Masters degree that is highly looked upon. With more and more people returning to educational institutions to earn their Masters degree, many students are finding that graduate school is becoming necessary to be able to compete in the job market. The Masters degree is soon on its way to becoming the requirement and the PHD will soon be what is highly looked upon. Every one is so focused on getting a good education, but no one can agree what an education is.
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