What is a family?

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What is a family? Most people get confused about the definition of family. A family is having a close relationship to a group of people and they do not have to be blood related. That group of people should share respect, love, and loyalty. Usually a family is consisting of a father, mother, and siblings. However, mine is grandparents, parents, and siblings. Families are important because they give love and security. For example, I always feel loved when I am with my family, and secured or protected. A person can learn anything from family such as respecting people, dealing with situation, and starting a new family of own based on the family. My family has influenced me in many aspects but most the influence is about my personality. My family left a mark in me and imprinted me in several ways. My father is 47 years old, and he does not look like he is that age. He is fully bald, and always shaving his head because all of his hair on the center of his head is gone. My father look healthy because according to his age he is on shape. His height is 5’5” and weight is 150 lbs. My father does not have much of facial hair because his skin is sensitive he only keeps a trimmed mustache. He looks like a typical Saudi with his skin tone. Describing my father’s personality is not that easy since he is moody. My father is a businessman and a banker, so everything can change his mood from joy to anger or vice versa. Also, it is hard to fool my father with anything he always catch everything immediately. When my father is outside office he becomes calm, agreeable, cheerful, and generous. However, he can control all his feelings so easily. Moreover, my father is well educated and open-minded. He is not strict at all he follows logic. For example,... ... middle of paper ... ...nk my brother made me a stubborn and that is the only thing him and I are similar with. I could not take his obsession and went to something else and unusual such as fashion. I also chose to be open rather than discreet because I can see that he has problems being that way. I love every single member in my family and I chose my father, mother, and brother because they imprinted me in different ways. My father made me the way I am calm, generous, and open minded. Also, my mother and how she imprinted her uniqueness in me. My 24 years old stubborn brother who made hates all sports, and I became as stubborn as him. I got all the good influences from my father, and the bad ones are from my brother. My mother was in between because I became competitive which could be negative sometimes. After all, I feel sophisticated, responsible, and independent thanks to my family.
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