What is a Web Browser

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Internet Browsers

Many people use the internet to get there information every day, but one question is what web browser to use to get the most out of what you are searching for. Well let’s start off as with what is a web browser. A web browser is a software application used to enable computer users find and enter web pages (What is a Web Browser?). A web browser allows a user to access videos, pictures and text information once a topic is searched (What is a Web Browser?).

The first web browser was invented in the 1990 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. He named it the WorldWide Web and later was called Nexus. (Berners-Lee) In 1993, a guy by the name of Marc Andreessen released Mosaic, which was considered “the world’s first popular browser (Andreessen).” This just made the WorldWide Web to be easier navigated by the user. This really sparked the use of the internet for the average person. Andreessen eventually started his own company and named it Netscape and released a “Mosaic-influenced Netscape navigator (Andreessen).” Eventually Microsoft wanted in on the excitement of the internet. Microsoft developed Internet Explorer in 1995, which was also based off of Mosaic (Search Engine Journal). It became war from here on out with the internet browsers. Internet became the most popular web browser to be used. In 1998, Netscape produced Mozilla Foundation, which was going to by a competitor with Internet Explorer. Mozilla eventually became known as Firefox, which is a commonly used browser today. In 2003, Apple launch there Safari web browser and still is popular today with all the Apple products you can buy. The most recent browser to come in the picture is Google Chrome. Chrome is becoming more popular as the years progress. Chrome is e...

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