What is a Friend?

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What is a friend? A friend is someone who supports you, sympathizes with you, or patronizes a group. An easily definition of that would be a person you know, like and trust.

In these tough times we count on friend to help us get through. I like to think of friendship as everlasting, but is friendship truly forever? Can miles drive you away from friends you made after graduating from places like high school or college? Just imagine walking across the stage and never seeing the people you graduated with. Well for those instances you can always join networking places like Facebook. Facebook helps you connect with the people in your life. In those ways you would never be without your friends.

On these sites you can write to each other on your personal walls and post pictures. It is an easy way to communicate on the computer just like email. All your friends can follow you at once. It’s simpler than going to write an email and having to input all the recipients to receive the information along with a simple text message from a cell phone. Although some would say that they don’t like t...

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