What is Work Satisfaction?

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What happens when a worker is not being fulfilled in his or her perspective job? Everyone has had or will have a job. Whether he or she is a farmer, CEO, or burger flipper; regardless these are jobs. Additionally, throughout these jobs people have experiences, some good, and some bad. Some will hate their jobs and dread going to work when they wake up, while other will flourish at their jobs and gain a sense of fulfillment. Someone can come to hate a job because of a high workload, low salary, or long hours, while the love of a job comes from a sense of fulfillment by doing what he or she loves or having high salary and low workloads. In some cases, because employees are in the job for just the money and not personal gain they become dissatisfied more easily than someone who goes into a job looking for personal improvement or passion for the job. In the essay by Barbara Garson, “McDonald’s – We do it All for you,” the reader can see the workers are miserable and that the working conditions at McDonalds are less than desirable because of the workload, low salary, and the feeling of being replaceable. Additionally, Garson gives different perspectives, of workers from managers to burger flippers, and not one of them felt as if they were to leave they would be missed. In the essay by Lynda Workman, “The Experience of Policy,” the reader can see how dissatisfied she feels, not because of the feeling of being replaceable, but because she has no control over the decisions made about her clients. In addition, the reader can see how people will look past poor working conditions if they need the money to support a family or education. Moreover, in my own work experiences, as a kennel attendant, we will see how my satisfaction with my job h... ... middle of paper ... ...mers rather than having a high salary. For example because of my experiences, I put more stock in doing what I love and being around animals than having a high salary. In both of the essays, the reader can see the main point is that the worker are miserable because they are being worked like machines , and are not given any respect or a sense of fulfillment. This leads to the conclusion that high job satisfaction come through the efforts of both the employee and employer and without one the work performance will suffer. Works Cited Garson, Barbara. “McDonald’s – We Do it All for You.” Literacies: Reading, Writing, Interpretation. Ed. Terance Brunk. 2nd ed. New York: W.W. Norton &, 2000. 251-267. Print. Workman, Lynda. “The Experience of Policy.” Literacies: Reading, Writing, Interpretation. Ed. Terance Brunk. 2nd ed. New York: W.W. Norton &, 2000.749-758. Print.
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