What is The Paleo Diet?

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Modern science has done great miracles, like returning a man’s sight using one of his teeth, keeping a person alive for days without a heat, 114 days, connecting people paralyze peoples mind with computers to be able to communicate. There have also been advancements in modern medicine such as finding cures and lowering the victims for disease that use to affect people greatly like polio, measles, smallpox and malaria. However along with any advancement there are some downsides, some that are obvious at plain sight, and some that sometimes take a while to be noticed.

One of the possible reasons why various diseases are more prevent[able]now than in our evolutionary past could be out change in the food we eat. We not only have diverted from the diet that our ancestors body have accustom too, we now eat process food that have side effects that take time to show any effect.

In our past our ancestors where hunters gathers and had a specific diet, the best example of this is the Paleo Diet. The Paleo Diet as defined by Dr. Loren Cordain the foremost authority on the evolutionary basis of diet, is designed to mimic the optimal diet that our ancestors had, and that our bodies adapted too. This diet has been proven to reduce their risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, as well as help in weight lost, reverse progression of an autoimmune disease, as well as many other benefits. One of my friends decide to try this diet a while back and still practice it today, and he has told me that he also feels healthier and does not get as tired as easily or as quickly as he use too.

So what has changes, well for on we now eat more process food than we ever use too, not to say that all process food is unhealthy, just some aspects of them...

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