What is Software Engineering?

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BSc (Hons) Business Computing (Level 4) Software Engineering : Page 3: Introduction to the Assignment Page 4: Task 1, The Software Crisis Page 5: Task 1, Design the Website Site Objectives Page 6: Task 1, Design the Website Format and Structure Navigation Page 7: Task 1, Design the Website Layout Page 8: Task 1, Design the Website Storyboard Page 9: Task1, Design the Website Shop Design Page 10: Task 1, Design the Website About Us How To Find Us Design Conclusion Page 11: Task 2, Implement the Website Site Code and Licensing Page 11: Task 3, Test the Website Functionality Testing User Environment Page 12: Task 3, Test the Website Links & Navigation Content Page 13: Task 4, Accessibility of the Website Task 4 Introduction Page 15: Bibliography/References Page 16-19: Appendices Introduction: For this assignment I have been asked to study Software Engineering, including the understanding of the software crisis and the necessity for approaching this crisis in an engineering fashion. The difference between approaches of developing software, the differences being engineering or programming. After understanding these basics in software engineering we will use object oriented modelling to create software models, data and processes. As well as learning software engineering and the use of object orientated modelling or UML I have described and evaluated some of the software and technology available to enhance productivity when designing or building software and software to enhance quality of the product. Lastly as part of this assignment I have been asked to demonstrate the use of software documentation, quality assurance, evaluation and testing skills relevant t... ... middle of paper ... ...dition, Newage Informational Publishers W3Schools, 2014. CSS3 Introduction [Website]. Available at: [Accessed 25 March 2014]. The Telegraph, 2012. Chocolate cake breakfast could help you lose weight [Image]. Available at: [Accessed 25 March 2014]. Creative Commons, 2014. About the Licenses [Website]. Available at: < https://creativecommons.org/licenses/ > [Accessed 25 March 2014]. Cakes Crazy, 2014. Novelty Cakes [Website]. Available at: [Accessed 5 April 2014]. W3C, 2012. Markup Validation Service [Website]. Available at: [Accessed 9 April 2014]. End of Bibliography/References Appendix 1:
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