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Pars Food is a limited company providing goods to the general public which mostly take the form of potato based products. Throughout this essay it will be discussed how supply chain management (SCM) and total quality management (TQM) can help achieve this companies long term objectives. SCM refers to the process of how products are designed, sourced, manufactured and distributed from raw material to the end customer (Smock, 2003). TQM refers to the system that integrates quality development, quality maintenance and quality improvement efforts in an organisation so as to enable full customer satisfaction (Feigenbaum, 1991). The aim is to meet customer expectations and to involve everyone and every part of an organisation in a quality improvement culture. The long term objectives of Pars Food that will be looked at are; to increase their market share and expand to Europe, to invest further in staff, equipment and storage, to reduce operation costs by minimizing waste and cost of poor quality, and finally to become more environmentally and ethically sustainable.

Pars Food have the long term objective of investing further in staff, equipment and storage.
The company currently outsources all it’s raw materials through outside transport, using the company ‘Soho Transport’. Outsourcing is the strategy of paying suppliers and distributors to perform certain business processes or to provide needed materials or services (Ebert and Griffin, 2013). However, recently directors have become increasingly concerned with the quality, cost and reliability of it’s supply chain network. Although what Pars Food do now may be saving them money, for example not having to buy vehicles outright, not paying for MOT’s, insurance etc, in the longterm it may...

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