What is Literature

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Living in a technologically advanced society definitely has its perks. Today, we are fortunate to have the internet, Amazon.com to delivery books straight to your house, and wireless handheld e-books. Unfortunately, the days of going to the library to take out books, and speaking with a librarian for help on research rarely happens anymore. That’s why studying literature, and researching topics is essential for us students.

Literature can be described as a language. It has been expressed for centuries and throughout different countries and cultures. Literature is a work of art, which has been spoken in different structures and also for many diverse reasons. I believe that literature is another way to view our historical past as well. Throughout history, society has been grateful exposed to different styles of literature; non-fiction, fiction, poems, plays, etc. Literature has a variety of styles; American literature, Irish literature, African American literature, and also Women’s literature are only a few examples. I am charmed by Women’s literature, everything from Annie Bradstreet to Judy Blume. My focus is to show how women portray a major role in the making of great literature, and also their existence in the works of art themselves. Distressingly, for years we women didn’t have a voice and our ideas were pushed aside. An American Editor Joan Goulianos wrote, “There exists a rich and complex literature by women that goes back to the Middle Ages, a literature that consists of diaries, of autobiographies…of stories- a literature in which women wrote about their lives and from which women and men today can draw insight about theirs.” I want to examine literary works and extract examples of the role of the women; revealing empowe...

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...believe it’s essential to examine and observe the works of past authors. To take a deeper look at writers during certain historical eras and discover their work and understand why it is so crucial for society to have a grasp of this information. It’s important to learn about our past so that we can make a difference in our future.

It’s disappointing to think that in a certain time in our history women were silenced. I couldn’t even imagine American Literature without the important position of Women’s Literature. Our lives have changed because of women’s history. June Burnett, Editor of The Common Thread: Writings by Working-Class Women wrote, “Identity is the cornerstone of a woman’s morale. It’s the key to her self-worth and confidence. Her sense of herself is her strength and the last thing she gives up.”(Pg11) As women we took a stance and demanded our worth.
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