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Erwin Schrodinger is a historic chemist who led a difficult life, but gave the scientific community multiple important contributions. Erwin Schrodinger’s life revolving around chemistry is full of contributions and essential advancements that he gave to the scientific community. Some of Schrodinger’s contributions consist of Schrodinger’s wave equation and Schrodinger’s book “What is Life” which led to valuable progression in biology thanks to his book (“Erwin Schrodinger.” Erwin Schrodinger. Dr.).
Erwin Schrodinger was a very successful chemist and gave the world many things to branch off of; although that knowledge wasn’t just handed to him he had to work for it. When Erwin Schrodinger was a child, he was home school for the majority of his life, until he left to go to the University of Vienna. At the University of Vienna, he was inspired by a fellow, exceedingly intelligent physicist named Friedrich Hasenhorl (“Erwin Schrodinger.” PBS.). At the University of Vienna Schrodinger studied theoretical physics and analytical mechanics. Fritz Hasenohrl’s lectures on theoretical physics are what truly inspired Schrodinger (O’Connor). Later Schrodinger obtained his PHD in physics, which started him on his journey to achieve greatness (“Erwin Schrodinger.” PBS.). After Schrodinger achieved his doctorate in physics, he signed up for voluntary military service in fortress artillery in the year 1910. In 1914 Schrodinger was called to serve in WWI to protect the Italian border. Even though Schrodinger was in battle this didn’t stop him from continuing his research, even though it wasn’t easy for him to do so. Schrodinger received a citation for his amazing work on commanding a battery during a battle. In 1917 Schrodinger was sent back to Vie...

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...orld (“Erwin Schrodinger.” Erwin Schrodinger. Dr.).
Schrodinger’s life was full of contributions to chemistry and physics, Schrodinger also had an important influence in the scientific world. Schrodinger led a hard life, but he gained knowledge along the way even when it seemed impossible. Schrodinger had a very important impact to the historical world in multiple ways.

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