What is Freedom To Me?

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What Freedom Is To Me Since July 4th, 1776 the United States has a free country. Citizens of the United States have freedom of speech, religion, and many other things. Webster’s definition of freedom is, “the condition of being free of restraints.” To me freedom plays a large role in my life. Three things that would be freedom for me are going where ever I wish, actions without negative consequences, and morality to my standards. The first example of freedom for me would be being able to go where ever I want. Although most of the world is civilized and there are many forms of transportation, some places are considered off-limits. I believe that the only God or the creator of this world can set the boundaries. I was with my uncle and we were driving by a lake, and there was a small island in the center. This lake was off road and gated. He saw me staring at it during sunset and he said to me in Spanish what a shame you can’t enjoy that place, “Es tu mundo.” He meant that it’s my planet and my life, and that it’s not fair that you can’t live where you want. The second example of freedom for me would be doing actions without negative consequences. Although most things with negative consequences are bad and/or inappropriate, freedom in my eyes legalizes anything, from jaywalking to legalizing drugs. Freedom would allow one to consume whatever he/she want, live wherever he/she desires, and say whatever he/she pleases. Some people get incarcerated for lighting off fireworks, or graffiti, even though that’s just a way for them to express themselves. The third example of freedom for me would be morality up to my standards. In Europe, exposing the upper body of a female is natural and not strange to others. A lot of things that people do or ways they act is due to society. To find ones true self you must not care about what society says to care about and just be your own person.
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