What is Freedom?

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Arendt connects politics and freedom, and views freedom in terms of participation and common action. The organization or form for freedom, for the action, which manifests or embodies freedom, is the polis or city or public realm: it is the world, in the sense of a worldly place. Freedom exists only when individuals engage in political activities; that is to say, whenever they decide to live together in a community. Moreover, political action looks to create, preserve, or reform a suitable world by the same means that brought them into being.

Arendt rejects the liberal notion rule in which there is a difference between rulers & ruled, between the one who commands and those who obey; such as a hierarchy that excludes the majority of citizens from the public realm. Put negatively, with the exception of thinking and contemplation, all other human activities of life, are not free because they are subject to one, or another kind of control taking place outside of oneself.

According to Arendt, creation of representative institutions leaves only the representatives free. Moreover, she ...
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