What is Curiosity

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What is Curiosity, why do babies differ in intelligence, personality and characteristics as they grow up? Some people become good citizens, and some grow up to be bad citizens who become dangerous to the community. Philosophers tried to find out and explain these questions that were observed in individuals. There are many developmentalists whom offered different theories to explain human development. Theories of development include, psychoanalytic, learning, cognitive, biological and evolutionary, and system theories (Boyd, 2009), and we are discussing Piaget’s cognitive theory below. Jean Piaget was a Swiss psychologist, and his cognitive- development theory is one of the most influential theories in history. According to his theory, every individual begin their life with a little skills of motor and sensory scheme like looking, touching, hearing, reaching and tasting. In his theory, scheme is an internal cognitive structure that makes available a procedure to follow in a particular condition. Just like, when we pick up something, we use our picking up scheme, and throwing that thing to someone, we use our looking, aiming and throwing scheme. The scheme gets better or works better as we use every time. There are also mental schemes that allow us to think logically and use symbols. This scheme mostly develops during childhood and adolescence. Assimilation, equilibration and accommodation are three processes that Peaget proposed to explain how schemes used in childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Using scheme to make sense of experience or an event is the assimilation process. Accommodation is the process of changing the scheme if there is some new information result. The third process equilibration is balan... ... middle of paper ... ...ton of feathers? Both answered, a ton of stone and a ton of feathers is equal. So, I believe some children can be ready for some formal education earlier than age nine or ten. I also observed girls play differently, and like different toys than boys. Conclusion: Since human development explained differently by many developmentalists, some explanations are agreeable and some are not. But their ideas still influence many of us. The methods which are used to study children’s development, helps understand changes across the human lifespan. We have learned from Jean Piaget’s the cognitive theory that there are stages, and substages for logical thinking, and how the child builds different types of scheme, and the universal changes in thinking happen in the early childhood. I agree that this exercise assisted me to gain understanding the point of the theory.
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