What is Cloud Computing?

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The world today is becoming more technologically advanced. Internet use is becoming a more integral part of businesses today. A new way that businesses have started to utilize the internet as a business tool is through cloud computing. “Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction” (NIST, 2011). This network provides a business with the ability to have a common remote third party connection which they can perform all necessary accounting work. All accounting work that is processed and completed on the cloud is referred to as cloud accounting. The reason businesses use the cloud is to store and organize information that a company obtains to place in a common location. It can be related to a file cabinet that can be accessed from anywhere connected to the internet.
The origins of cloud computing dates back to the 1960s around the time computers were introduced. It was unknown specifically what cloud computing was until 1997 where Ramnath Chellappa, information systems professor, used the term “cloud computing” and placed a definition behind it (Cantu, 2011). After the introduction of what cloud computing does companies began switching to using these services to benefit their own company. Statistically, “in 2009, revenue for cloud services was just over 58.6 billion” (Cantu, 2011). The growth of cloud services is capturing more of the market where in 2011 cloud computing accounting is opening up on the global market at 2.3% with plenty of room to grow (Cantu, 2011).
In recent years, the use of cloud accounting has drastically gr...

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... utilized accordingly. One of the top priorities of CCH Axcess is data security. “The managed data center environment is hardened with firewalls, secure network architecture, and intrusion protection devices” (CCH Axcess, 2013). The concern of security is captured by the multiple walls of protection to keep data safe where it can’t be stolen. The second concern of cloud accounting is integration challenges. CCH Axcess has its own Open Integration Platform which integrates with virtually any third party application (CCH Axcess, 2013). Sassetti LLC has experience all benefits the cloud can offer to a business which will help them grow. The concerns of CCH Axcess have been assessed through the database result in positive data security. Cloud Accounting has provided businesses with a more organized structure of work and made the relationships better with their clients.
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