What efforts are being down to stop school violence?

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A major issue in schools is schools are violence. Our students have become more and more violent each and every year. If we don’t start to help our students resolve their issues amongst each other the fighting will never end. Some people done really realize what school violence is exactly. “The true term for school violence refers to criminal acts committed at educational institutions such as elementary, middle, and high schools as well as colleges and universities.” (Opposing Viewpoints) Many factors can play into as why these students always feel the need to be violent. Their home lives, bullying, videogames, and much more could affect their thinking. Students have been bringing knives to school just because they think its “cool”. They are putting everyone’s lives at danger. “In the more recent years students have been bringing not only knives but guns, explosives, and many other things to school and targeting teachers, principals, or other students, they even will turn the weapon on themselves and committing suicide in front of their classmates and friends.” (Opposing Viewpoint) Some schools have even have to have their school days cut short, or even shut down the entire school. Teachers do not know what to do with the students anymore because their actions have become so excessive, they are unmanageable. A big influence in school violence is the other students around. Other students encourage the flightiest and the bullies to fight another to solve their problems. Students think it’s funny to watch the fights happen. They even videotape them. The statistics show that school violence has increased greatly. “According to the national center for education statistics (NCES), the agency that tracks school violence stated that fr... ... middle of paper ... ...p the violence thought out our school. “A major one would be monitoring our student’s activities on their cell phones, laptops, and tablets. Monitoring student’s social media helps schools identify signs of trouble” (Opposing Viewpoint). Students rely on their electronic devices to get through their days. If we could just help the students understand the school violence is not okay and doesn’t get you anywhere good in life. Overall school violence is one the most concerning problem we face currently. Steps have been taken to decrease school violence, but there is much more than can be done. Everyone just needs to work together to help reduce the number or violent crimes our students are committing every day. If we don’t then we’re only adding to the crime by not intervening and allowing it to happen. The violence needs to stop, and it’s not going to stop on its own.

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