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What do you know about Italian history? The Italian flag has three stripes: green, white, and red. The country of Italy is slightly bigger than the state of Arizona. Italy is bordered by France, Switzerland, and Austria. Italy has a republic government. Up until the 1600s, Italy was considered the central place for western culture. It was also the starting point of the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church. Italy also had numerous amounts of famous artists. In Ancient Rome, Italy was the center for all the arts, including sculpting and painting. Jesse Viscardi was Italian. He also was very smart and handsome, very tall with long black hair which covered his eyes most of the time. He was every Italian woman's dream. Except, he was very poor. He loves in Florence, Italy and made a living by making instruments. In his hometown, he was displeased because his business of guitar making couldn't take off fast enough. He would come home every day to his family and tell about how he has not sold a single guitar. After three years of doing just this, Jessie had turned twenty three. He said that is was time to give up his dream and start a career in which he could make a proper living. His family had sat him down and said they that they would like to see him happy an smiling instead of depressed every day. The next morning, Jessie went out to look for new employment. With no luck, he returned home. With Jessie growing more depressed, his family jumped to cheer him up. Jesse just did not seem to fit in with the world. He could not understand how one person who has worked so hard to get what he needed could be so poor. The next day, there was a knock at the door of the Viscardi house hold. It was the local baker. Jessie's fathe... ... middle of paper ... ... the day of departure, both Jessie and Emelia boarded a ship to go to America. After traveling for weeks, they arrived and were ready to start their new lives, together. Jessie eventually started up his guitar business again, along with working another job in construction. Emelia stayed at home and took care of their ten children: Donald, Jacline, Lacey, Louis, Marc, Kurt, Elizabeth, William, Samantha, and Claude. As far as I was told, they all lived very long an happy lives. These two people are interesting because they had courage. They had courage to Stan up for what they believed in instead of following what everyone else thought was right. Also, the cultural background that surrounded these two people is interesting. They grew up in the time when art was very big in Italy. I think that it is a great honor to call these two courageous people my relatives.

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