What did The Scientific Revolution Bring to the European World?

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Scientific Revolution has not only widened our eyes towards new inventions but it has also unlocked our brains to question and intellect to rationalize. In fact, Scientific Revolution in seventeenth century is the period of a new change in World History. Renaissance, a revolutionary period in which people developed the study of arts, their new thinking skills become the leading cause of scientific revolution. Europeans gave importance to learning and application of knowledge which gave birth to new scientific theories and revolution. However, the whole period from 17th to 19th century brought the new changes in people’s lives through new discoveries and inventions in the field of medical and education. The impact of Scientific Revolution in early modern period is an essential factor to create an interest in scientific subjects; amalgamation with religion and philosophy lead towards critical thinking. This critical thinking and observation become a big challenge to the political and religious authorities of the era. The Scientific Revolution enhanced the study of scientific subjects and reduced false beliefs of religion through critical thinking and observations.
Scientific Revolution, a period of new discoveries, the year of 17th to 19th century, was the result of Scientific Method. Scientific Method uses observation and experimentation to prove theories.The use of Scientific Method helped Europeans to remove the fallacies about science. The enhanced their critical thinking and observation skills to do experiments in physics, chemistry and biology. These experimentations built theories in science subjects that revolutionized the era.. There were beliefs like sun and all the other planets move around earth. Also, human being ...

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...iven by great scientists in the period of 17th to 19th century also, and continuously discovering the unknowns of this universe. Scientific revolution encouraged people to compare the discoveries in order to improve life’s standard.

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