What are the Social, Political, and Economic Impacts of Industrialization?

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635 words

After the Civil War, the United States had a total transformation. The country used to be mainly agricultural, but by the late 1800’s it became the world's leading industrial nation. Railroads and new inventions emerged rapidly along with big businesses. Huge corporations controlled the economy and a large amount of job opportunities emerged. Sadly, workers were mistreated and the workplace was a dangerous place to be, but that did not stop the average people from fighting for their rights. New political ideas came about and the United States turned upside down into a whole new era. America’s large abundance of natural and human resources is what enabled the nation to develop so greatly in such a short amount of time. During the nations metamorphosis into the worlds industrial leader, the gross national product became eight times greater than after the civil war. New inventions also played a vital role in the country's industrial revolution. The technologies helped improve productivity, transportation, and communication. With the transcontinental railroad, refrigerated railroad cars, and the new air-brake system, larger amounts of various products could be shipped internationally at a much faster rate. A telegraph line was laid across the Atlantic Ocean, allowing the states to speak instantly with people in Europe. Railroads emerged rapidly and so did the scandals. Cruel, manipulative people dominated the country with their big businesses. Corporations came about, along with stock to raise money for them. The more money the corporation could raise through stock the closer they were to achieve economies of scale. Big businesses would sometimes come close to becoming monopolies that controlled the whole market. They were a rare... ... middle of paper ... ... companies that had groups of businesses working together as if it was a merged company. Power hungry company owners caused workers to rebel and form unions. Some radicals who joined unions were believers in a new political idea known as Marxism. It was based on very socialistic principles and provided the base for modern day Socialism. Thanks to the industrial revolution, the modern day America was born. With the help of big business, new innovations, and a large population and workforce, the nation was transformed into one of the most powerful countries in the world. Life would not be so simple without the technologies discovered during this time. The telephone is still used today, along with international transportation, unions, time zones, and many other discoveries. If the nation never developed into an industrial powerhouse who knows what would have been.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how the united states transformed after the civil war into the world's leading industrial nation. workers were mistreated and the workplace was dangerous.
  • Explains how america's abundance of natural and human resources enabled the nation to develop so greatly in such a short amount of time.
  • Explains that the population nearly tripled during the time after the civil war thanks to the 17-million immigrants from europe and china, who were in search of a better life.
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