What are Stereotypes?

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Stereotypes are thoughts and ideas perceived about groups of people and their actions. These actions are not always seen as true. The dramatic assumptions and accusations create stereotypes and their origin. The most common stereotypes are about race, and people in every race can be judged before they have the opportunity to prove themselves if their stereotypes precedes them. Even though stereotypes and stereotyping is wrong, if one must it should be based off of that person’s personal experience, with lots of people. It is impossible to say that the way one person thinks or acts is because of their race. There are other factors that play into the development of people, and while race is one of those factors it is not the biggest and it is not the only element. As we advance into the world the amount of stereotypes and the effects they have on people should be decreasing, but the direct opposite is happening. Our Twenty First Century world and means of technology and entertainment are now encouraging stereotypes now more than ever; specifically African American ones. The technology and entertainment we have is not creating new stereotypes to replace the old ones but are preserving the ones we already have in place. This is mainly seen in movies created by Tyler Perry, music produced by Cash Money Records and social media sites like WorldStarHipHop.com. In all three forms of entertainment the concept was to target a black audience and produce something that they would like and relate to, however its execution of this has been extremely poor and keeps the black stereotypes in place. One of the biggest parts of media and entertainment is the movie and film industry. Emmitt Perry (also known as Tyler Perry) has been one of the majo... ... middle of paper ... ...ed. I just wish that they would have shown the realistic and actual parts of African American culture. I understand that this would not have become as popular or famous as a Madea Movie, Cash Money song, or a fight like Sharkeisha's but I and other African Americans would feel more represented and respected in everyday American Pop Culture. I think as a society American entertainment would be stronger if it took out the racial factors or stereotypes out of entertainment. Entertainment and media would start to morph back to its original form where it took actual talent and content to become popular. Slowly this would eliminate stereotypes that had been created and stop new negative ones from starting, across all races. This is the only way that I think the preservation of stereotypes (black or not) can be solved involving our media and its ways of entertainment
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