What are Standards?

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Standards, everything to ever exist follows some form of a standard be it a paper for a class, boards for an architecture student, or buildings for a city. Standards are modeling principles that inform things to survive. In architecture standards are being defined and redefined every day, from local building codes, to¬ LEED which are standards that help structure communities and provide a guide line to a more progressive lifestyle. LEED is a system of checks and balances to insure holistic design and operation via the built environment. Developed by the U.S Green Building Council, LEED, is an instrument for building sustainably and speaks to the biorhythm of structure and man, adopting building techniques to further the environment (LEED). One building that rises to and above standards set by LEED, The Clock Shadow Building, Continuum Architects + Planners, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Selected by American Institute of Architects, otherwise known as AIA, as one of the top ten green building of 2013 characterized “transforms a vacant brownfield site into a hub of environmental sustainabilit...
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