What are Perfume and Cologne Made of?

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What is perfume? Some people may say that perfumes are a fragrant liquid created by essential oils and other ingredients. Essential oils are responsible for the odor and makes up the fragrance of a plant, and are usually extracted from flowers or spices to make a certain scent (Wong, 2013). Perfumes are also a refreshing and pleasant smell that women and men usually spread around their body or clothes. Each scent of perfume depends on a certain person. No two persons are exactly the same, therefore no fragrance or odor will smell precisely the same on any people. For example, one person may like a certain scent however, another person may have a different opinion on it. Odor is a distinctive smell and every odor is unique. It is a reaction or response resulting from a stimulation of the olfactory organs. The olfactory organs are the organ of smell also known as the nose. Every person has a different prospective in life they also have a different prospective in a fragrance.

The first historical signs of people using perfume were the Egyptians. The Egyptians were the first people to u...

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