What are Genetically Modified Organisms?

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There are people who look at a certain topic and judge it by its cover. Most people do not even take the time to look at the topic for a second time. There are millions of definitions to GMO’s; one definition is genetically modified organisms. GMO’s have been used for a short time and there are people who are concerned about GMO’s. They believe that GMO’s are the work of the devil because scientists are replacing and inserting different genes into a plant. Most people who are against this GMO topic do not realize that GMO’s are beneficial to the world. GMO’s have the potential to change the taste and texture of the foods. This is one of the countless benefits that GMO’s can provide to help improve the world. Millions of people all across the world are in third world countries that are in poor shape. Most of those people are undernourished, but has anyone thought about how GMO’s can help those countries? GMO’s have the potential to insert extra vitamins and minerals in foods to help nurture people back to health. GMO’s are a great way to help improve the world little by little.

GMO’s are all around us, but has anyone looked at the food they eat? According to the Scitable by Nature Education website GMO’s are genetically modified organisms that can be put into foods through an engineering process (Phillips). This technology did not sound helpful, because it said that these organisms that are put into food were not originally meant for human consumption. At first, GMO’s were made for animal feed, but have since then been transferred to human foods. Now, scientists are putting this technology into foods and animals. This technology has the potential to help out mankind for the better, but some believe this technology is unacceptable ...

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...he world. After reading about this topic, GMO’s have opened my eyes to this amazing technology. GMO’s have changed my opinion for the better.

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