What are Effective Leaders Made of?

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Effective leadership is a hallmark of a great organization. The United States Army demands it's leaders be effective. Effective leadership is characterized by character, presence, and intellect.1 These three areas enable a leader to earn the trust and respect of his peers, subordinates, and superiors, and achieve the organization's desired results. An effective leader uses these traits to communicate and influence his environment through his words and actions. A leader of character conducts himself in a manner which allows him to be the standard for all he encounters. The Army Values are the basic guideline for every soldier to carry themselves with character. An effective leader embodies the Army Values in his beliefs and ethics. By showing his unit he is invested in the well-being of each soldier, an effective leader can relate to all. Research indicates leadership of character, “goes beyond how to be, and becomes how to do.”2 Peers recognize a leader of character and seek his positive influence. Additionally, superiors understand a leader of character can be entruste...
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